It’s 8 days passing the last post in this website and now, I’m here to say when you should be waiting for the very first Caprice Linux release. It took longer than what I thought, but the result would be incredible! For now, I have some announcements to make about the first release.


A few days ago, I just sent a message to some Telegram groups and I said something like :

People of the world, Caprice needs your help in artwork, for designing logo and other stuff

And gave those people the link to the Caprice community chat. Then, some people joined the commnunity chat and one of our older friends at the community, became an official developer of the Caprice Linux and he pushed a lot of nice looking wallpapers to a github repository, and some of them will be available in the first release!


And what’s greater than having our own repositories as a linux distribution? Yes! Caprice will have her very own Repositories from the beginning. By the way, for few first releases what we just did is mirroring the debian repositories. We will work on a build server and a clear build system for near future.