After a few weeks of development and hard work, I’m happy to announce that Capirce Linux 1.0-BETA is under development. A few days ago, I posted a link to some reddit pages and telegram groups, which was a link to one of the daily builds of Caprice Linux.

A lot of people gave me feedback about the project and told me how it is. I was busy with another project and had no time to work on Caprice, but I collected the opinions and feedbacks to put all the ideas in the 1.0-BETA version of Caprice, which will be released soon!

Last stage of development : The artwork

Caprice now has a nice background, a nice background for plymouth and the colors made it so beautiful. But we have a big problem. we still have no logo. Of course, we need the identity for the project and logo can give us the identity.

I personally started thinking about the logo. Also, I started designing and I think the first releases of Caprice Linux may come with that simple and stupid idea of mine.

The release date

I can’t say a certain day would be our release date, but It will be there in first week of June 2020. So stay safe, wash your hands a lot, use a hand sanitizer, wear protective gear (face mask, gloves, etc. ) and wait for one of the greatesr open source projects of all time :P