I come back to say, I’m happy to announce that development process of the version 1.0-BETA is finished. But unfortunately, it’s not. Caprice Linux is one of my most personal projects. Although one of my biggest successes of all time was building the community, it’s still a personal thing to do. So, I decided to spend the time when I have enough joy and courage. It doesn’t mean there will be years of these stupid blog posts or something similar before a real release! No! The 1.0-BETA version is actually completed. I personally want to do a bit of more experiments with what I made.

Enough talking, and I even can see how much self-pity I put in the first paragraph. So, I have to say we have more important things to do with the project and all of them found a good routine. I also have say a big thank you too most of my close friends, who helped the project grow and they still help this project! No doubt of that, I couldn’t make this piece of art without their help!

Let’s make long stories short. I have to make some announcements about the 1.0-BETA version and what I got in past few days. Surprising and great news are coming.


Now, I request the big band to play a nice jazz piece. I want to say my friends at Free software assosication of Iran (or FLOSSIR for short) were nice enough to let me use one of their servers to host Caprice Linux repositories. I set that repositories become update each Saturday at 00:00 UTC. And it’s a great starting point for our project!

Repositories are accessible now. I prefer to surprise you when I declare the official release of 1.0-BETA. So do not expect me to give you the links to those repositories :P


Ah! I had to design the damn logo myself. It wasn’t hard. It’s not really satisfying for me but I prefer to have a logo for the first release(s). We can work on that and even doing a re-brand in future.