In past couple of months, I worked on this project in any free time I had. By beginning of the July, I had more free time and so I decided to dedicate more of my potentials on the project. In this article, I’m going to explain what have I done with the help of Caprice Linux Community.

A new look

First of all, a new interface is designed for Caprice Linux desktop. This is how it looks like:

New look

For now, it includes :

  • A dock. Dock makes access to favorite software easier. This is why we decided to add the dock to the desktop.
  • Global menus. Global menus are also beautiful and useful. They give you the ability to use more space on your display.
  • A new desktop background. I just contacted a few friends, and one of them offered this beautiful photo and people of the Caprice Linux Community just voted for this and we decided to pay for the photo to use it as the main background.

Stability of Linux, Flexibility of NetBSD

To be honest, this sections title should be Stability of Debian GNU/Linux. Debian is famous for being stable. But I personally was a BSD user and administrator as well (I even had FreeBSD as my desktop operating system back then), I decided to bring something from BSD’s to this project.

First, I was thinking of making something like Caprice kFreeBSD, but it’s really useless and pointless. Waste of time and resources. I decided to bring something better to this project. So, I decided to bring pkgsrc, which is one of NetBSD’s great creations. It has a few benefits. I list them below:

  • It brings a few useful tools from BSD operating systems to this one. The boldest one for me, was bmake, which is an equivalent to GNU Make and it made me happy. Of course, it has a few other tools from BSD to create packages and install them.
  • It makes Caprice Linux a source based Linux distribution. The most famous source based Linux distribution is Gentoo and as you may know, it also borrowed a lot from BSD operating systems. So, why not?

Of course, there are a few challenges in the process of changing the package manager, but we can solve the problems with the help of Caprice Linux Community and IRBUG (stands for Iranian BSD Users’ Group) members.

The first challenge, might be the update process of the system. The second one is that services need another init system. These problems will be solved by the release of future versions of Caprice Linux.

And final words …

One of the most asked questions about Caprice Linux is this:

What makes Caprice Linux a different distribution?

Now I have a strong answer for this. You have the stability of Debian GNU/Linux, beauty of Apple’s macOS and flexibility of NetBSD in one package. It has these benefits and best of all, it’s Caprice Linux and not replication of other distibutions or operating systems.

I hope I can make the final builds for a release in maximum of ten days. Please wait for a revolutionary project!