There was a hope to have the final release of Caprice Linux 1.0-STABLE by the month of July, but something went a bit out of control and then, the development process went a bit slower. I really wanted to write this devlog in a more appropriate time to just tell you the development process. The Iranian FLOSS community (I promise, one of the most passive communities in the world) just started doubting that Caprice Linux is government funded. This article is more about clarifications about the releationship between Caprice Linux and Iranian government.

Funds and helps

Caprice Linux got a lot of help from community, and not the government or any government-funded company. The Caprice Community is much bigger than Iranian FLOSS community as a lot of my friends from all around the world help me in the process.

But about helps, the only help we got was a server. It’s not actually from the government by the way. It’s actually a server for Sana Desktop, a GNU+Linux based desktop operating system I worked on (and it became one of my biggest regrets) for a private corporation. The server used to be a mirror for Sana Desktop and I only asked my friends at work about how I can use it. They gave me the permission to host Caprice Linux repository on that server. This is the only thing we have from a company or corporation and Caprice Linux is not national operating system or something like that.

Development Process

Past week, I sent the secret key to my plain of Oblivion to some of my friends. Actually, It was a link to 1.0-STABLE. It had some bugs and problems and I even couldn’t install the damn thing on my oldass HP laptop easily.

I listed those errors and problems, so I will check them out and solve them with the help of a lot of powerful developers in Caprice Community. The final release will be ready in a week or two.