It’s a week since the last post. In this post, I actually give you some good news about Caprice Linux and her process of development. Now, we chose a code name, we have a community forum and we also have a wiki!

Code name : Atmora

I’m a big fan of The Elder Scrolls games. I even had references from the games, specially the fifth version Skyrim in my daily life. Sometimes, I even said Thanks Talos instead of saying Thanks God. It’s all because I spent a lot of time in playing the game and it still has something to surprise me. So, Atmora is from the Elder Scrolls franchise.

If you play the games, you will understand that most of the game happens in a continent called Tamriel and the names such as Morrowind or Skyrim are provinces of this continent. But there is an icy continent in north of Tamriel which is home to Nords, a group of humans now living in Tamriel. As Atmora gets colder and colder, they try to find a new land. They just start their journey through the sea and find Skyrim. They make cities and holds in the province. It’s a long story, and you can find the reason behind this naming here.

Wiki and Forums

A good project always have a place to find the documentations or even contribute to the documentations. This is why I installed a wiki management system on one of Caprice Linux servers! The wiki is accessible using this link. And of course, although we have something like on Matrix or Caprice Linux Chat on Telegram, but forums are for more trustable. So I also installed a forum management system and the forums are accessible through this link as well!

From now on, we have pretty much everything a project needed. So the focus will be on the release process of the project!

Final Release details

We’ll have a release very soon. The final release requires a lot of things. I just list a few of them here :

  • A guide on pkgsrc for people who prefer The BSD Way.
  • A guide on installing services using pkgsrc and get its init system to work.
  • Creation of memestick image, it’s done once and it was working really well. But there was a few changes in the main file system. So, it should be made again.
  • Uploading images! I personally live in a place with really shitty connection. My previous home was better because I had an LTE connection. But in this home I don’t have any faster connection than my ADSL. So, It will take at least 2 days for two images to be uploaded.

I can’t give you an exact release date. But by the August, you can install Caprice Linux and celebrate your very new operating system.