A few hours prior to this post in the development blogs, I said August 1st 2020 will be a historical day. One of my friends thought I managed to find a cure for COVID-19 (I wish I could), or I found a way to prevent Trump from being elected again. But things are not going the ways we like! I still could make a historical way for you though, I did it by easily releasing my project, Caprice Linux.

Development Timeline

Fine, as I knew it might be a good idea to have a development timeline, I put the development timeline completely in the wiki. This post will be added to the wiki as soon as I push the final change to github.

Atmora, what’s special?

As I explained in the wiki as well as the previous post in this website, Atmora is a fictional continent on the planet Nirn and it’s the birth place of Nords. Nords were a group of humans who traveled to Tamriel and made the province of Skyrim their new home. This is a reference to the Elder Scrolls lore.

By the way, there something special in this release (and I personally put most of my effort to keep them alive for future releases):

  • Implementation of pkgsrc as a package/port management system in the distribution.
  • Trying to get rid of systemd as much as possible. Although we still kept systemd, but it can be easily ignored. (Just read A Hitchhiker’s Guide to pkgsrc in the wiki to find out how it works)
  • Providing a better looking desktop session :

caprice linux desktop

Documents and Guidelines

Although I really wanted to write installation guides before doing the 1.0-STABLE release, I couldn’t. I was too busy working on some projects and I couldn’t spend enough time on writing some guides for Caprice Linux. By the way, the wiki new registrations will become open very soon and you people can help on writing new guides and tutorials on the wiki. Stay tuned!

Caprice Linux has a very straight forward installation process, if you have any difficulties, check the forums and ask a question. People will kindly answer your questions!

These are links to Caprice Linux 1.0-STABLE Atmora images :

And in case you may miss this article, they’re always available in downloads section of the website.

Future of the project

This project will have future updates and releases, of course. I can’t promise it would be a long-lasting project such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint. But we developed a very good community. The community can easily help us get on top of the mountain. So, I personally am happy about what I did, not creation of yet another linux distribution, but for development of a great and lovely community. And as I said in the first days of the project, Caprice Linux is community driven. So, I’m not the only developer. 30 other people are as well!

I hope you have a great time using Caprice Linux and let us know your opinion on Caprice Linux using the community.