Before getting to the main subject, I explain a bit about Khajit. Khajit is a half-monster race in the realm of Tamriel from The Elder Scrolls. These people are like “Two-legged cat men”. They’re nomadic and they’re cool! So we have a new project to announce!

So what’s the main subject? OK. Let’s cool down, grab a glass of our favorite drink (I personally have a glass of Pepsi on my desk!) and just dig deep into this. In the past few months, I personally experienced some big changes in life. One of them was moving from GNU/Linux to Apple’s macOS. Fine, it doesn’t sound FLOSS at all, but I needed diversity in my life and it was the best thing I could do. But I never stopped using and developing Linux. I still use Arvan Cloud (for those who don’t know, it’s the Iranian version of AWS) and most of my servers are still on Linux. I have installed Caprice Enterprise Linux on a server and it will become a mirror for downloading ISO’s. But I faced some problems as well! Let’s count the problems.

Problems we have faced

  • NVIDIA graphic cards: I think Linus Torvalds is the best person to explain why this is a problem, but I’m not that rude. So, I explain : You can’t easily enjoy power of your device and power of Debian GNU/Linux at the same time if you have one of these guys. So, this should be solved. At least it can help more people to get into the *nix world.
  • pkgsrc: Fine. I finally give up on this one. It was a smashing success to have this baby as the extra package manager, but let’s be honest, it was useless. I think getting something more serious and more useful can be more helpful! (Please don’t install a more counter here.)
  • XFCE: No. This is not an end-user problem. This is my personal problem actually. Configuring it was not really easy. So we had to pivot to something other than XFCE.

Traveling Khajit, the solution!

So, long story short. A newer version will be available with the name Traveling Khajit. This baby will be based on stable branch, but it will come with GNOME as the desktop environment and it also will be friendly with your NVIDIA graphics. There are a few tools I’m working on, for a better performance and better application/package management.