Earlier I posted this in the Caprice Linux telegram channel:

There’ll be a new devlog for today. Sorry guys I am not available on Telegram because I needed a bit of detoxication. The devlog I’ll post tonight is going to be a very sad post. Grab a box of tissues, ‘cause it may make you cry :P

What did I mean by that? Fine. I didn’t have any good experiments with making Linux distributions. Everytime I made a distro, the whole FLOSS community turned hostile towards me. Sometimes I did think their moms paid me to that! By the way, in my defence, each time I also found a world of cool and good friends. So, a Linux distribution for me is somehow like an Iron Man suite. Makes me a super hero that people like Whiplash and Mandarin hate, and people like Pepper and Rhodey love.

Let’s do a bit of flash-back and see what happened in the pas six months. In June, there was that Iranian Association of Free/Libre and Open Source Software disaster. I became a candidate to defend digital freedoms in a legal and good way, but again I found how asshole a community can be. It’s neither my nor their fault. It’s everyone’s! All of us failed at that point, so I apologize to people who I called assholes. Back then, most of so-called friends just left me alone in the project and called that I’m doing the project for the government. Which is false. It was another project which was not a government-funded project as well. It was Localized Free (as in Freedom) Operating System for Governmental Offices. That project is now failed as I know.

In the August, I could do a final release of 1.0-STABLE version of Caprice Linux. It was a really, really cool project. I learned a lot while making the operating system. Most of my friends just motivated to learn Linux more than the past, so they could be helpful in the project. After the initial realize, people didn’t show any passion to the project. It wasn’t because I’ve added another distro to the existing ten million, that was because I was a part of that FLOSSIR thing. I’m not blaming anyone, I’m not really a loved face in the community and I gave them strong enough excuse to be not-so-nice to me!

In October, I announced that we might have a server edition, and no-one did care. One month ago, I announced minimal edition and no-one cared either. I even had selling the project as a whole in mind, as most of “software companies” called me to make an operating system for them, but when I gave them the price, they also rejected my suggestion and they’re still looking for someone who can do that for them. So, I call the whole project a big but taughtful (Is it even a word?!) project. I’ve learned a lot. About both Linux and humans. I’ve learned how Linux is awesome, and how humans can become monsters. So today, Saturday December 19th 2020, I officially announce discontinuation of the whole Caprice Linux project. By the way, as long as the repositories get updated, you are able to get the latest updates. But there’ll be no Caprice Linux 2.0.

December 2020 ~ Muhammadreza Haghiri