In last days of March 2020, I invited to do a cool project for Iranian Free Software Association, As I had the experience in field of creating linux distributions. So, I said “Hell yeah!” and then joined them. The work got a bit boring, but I wanted to keep the fun alive. So, I decided to run a side project, very similar to that one, but with my very own ideas. So, I started working on another operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux but with a whole world of difference.

Project Goals

  • Providing a minimal and light-weight operating system, suitable for desktop or server usages.
  • Implementing ideas I can’t implement at work (such as a whole new end-user level package management system or even a cool desktop session!)
  • Standing on a giant’s shoulder, and reach the skies (I’m not joking, making an independent/LFS style distribution costs a lot for me, so I had to choose a good base)
  • Creating a small community, free of every commercial and governmental support (Of course supports and donations are welcome, but this project is not licensed by any commercial company or government agency. If they want to donate, they’re very welcome of course (-: )

Project Features

  • Based on Debian (stable)
  • Light-Weight and minimalistic
  • A place for implementing sick ideas :-)