Caprice Free Software Guidelines

Caprice is an operating system of Linux family with (mostly) GNU userland. So, it means Caprice is completely free software(free as in freedom) and open source. Also, as Caprice is based on Debian, we are loyal to DFSGL or Debian Free Software Guidelines. Caprice has no extra rule or guideline in terms of free software and we just follow what FSF, GNU and Debian say.

Caprice Philosophy

As a Linux based operating system, Caprice follows the community based development system. It means we just formed a very little community (which is accessible on Telegram) and we just discuss about how Caprice should be. It means no company or even specific person decides for how Caprice should be or how it should go, that’s the community that decided about the project.

The final goal of this philosophy and community model is the same as our beloved Debian GNU/Linux, which is not only the base for Caprice Linux, but also a great inspiration on everything related to Caprice. The goal of being community based is that to make sure project stays alive even if the founder(s) leave the project.

Caprice supporters/partners

Caprice community welcomes every type of support or partnership. The support can be technical (helping in the development process, coding for Caprice, reporting bugs and doing test), artistics (designing artwork for Caprice, making advertisement banners, etc. ) or financial.

Partnership is a bit more complex, Caprice is a community based project and of course we can’t be a protectorate of a commercial company, but if your company wants to be a partner or sponser of the project, the community is open to you.